Yeh Fugly Fugly kya hai?

Bollywood heart throb Akshay Kumar’s Grazing Goat Production house releases Fugly on 13 June. Naturally Kabir Sadanand, the youthful director has his reasons to be excited about the date. But audiences in the city are happy to wait to watch two actors in the film with a Lucknow connect.

In an exclusive interview with The Lucknow Observer Kabir talks about the making of Fugly, billed as a political, comic thriller.

There are two Lucknow connections in Fugly…Farrukh Jaffar is a Lucknow actor and Kiara Advani is the grand niece of legendary actor Saeed Jaffrey from Lucknow…is this chance or by design that you look for actors from a city that has been a historic centre of dance, drama, theatre and films?

I am a huge fan of Farrukh Jaffar, she is one of the most energetic actors I have worked with. She keeps everyone on their toes and is brilliant as a performer. Kiara is another fine find. She is a fine actress and a beautiful person. I think its the magnetic nature of the city that has produced some fine talent.

You have made three films before… how special is the Fugly experience?

Every film snatches away emotions that are extremely personal and cherished. I have enjoyed the whole process of every film of mine from the heart.

Fugly has been a journey that I shall remember forever.. I say this again, I have not enjoyed making a film more than FUGLY. The journey from writing to casting, music, shooting and finally putting it all together. The experience in itself is exciting and intoxicating, every film maker thrives on these moments. The pressures are immense but the joys more.

You began your career as an actor… considering your stunning good looks will you ever return to the silver screen as actor?

I have always found myself to be an average looking person. Stunning is a scary word in my dictionary to describe any memory of myself, but thank you. As an actor I have always said that I am an actor waiting to discover.. when I see a role that challenges me and tells me that I could never do justice to it… I crave to perform it. If and when such a role does come my way I shall snatch it even if it is not offered to me.


The actor in me at times begins to push and tug at me and yes the urge is strong to return to perform and to act again but I will wait for the right script, character and platform.

Fugly is said to be about young Indians, the state of politics in India… what did the 2014 general election mean to you?

The 2014 elections for me means change. The country has been screaming for a leadership to bring about change. The amount of monies busted in scams are in crores, that can well be spent on feeding the poor and the needy. Scams come and go but does anyone have any idea if the monies are returned? It is time for us to stand up and to say that we are proud of our country and want to serve her in any way without religion or caste separating us.

By the way yeh Fugly Fugly hai kya?

Picture dekho aur pata lagao ki Yeh Fugly Fugly kya hain! Releasing 13 June.

Who is this man?


Now living in London, Saeed Jaffrey was born to a Lucknow family in 1929. His father, Dr Hamid Hussain Jaffrey, was a medical officer who was transferred every few years, allowing the family to live all over Uttar Pradesh.

The eldest of two brothers and a sister, Saeed has been an actor for forever. He has worked with the best directors like Satyajit Ray, Richard Attenborough, John Huston and David Lean.

After Allahabad University, Saeed had moved to Delhi in the 1950s to work for All India Radio. There he made friends with the musician Ravi Shankar, writer Khushwant Singh and actress Madhur Jaffrey, his first wife. He founded the Unity Theatre in Delhi and performed Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw and JB Priestley as he was more comfortable with the English language, confessed Saeed who has acted in some 100 Bollywood films as well.

Kiara Advani, leading lady of Fugly is the grand daughter of Saeed’s younger brother, the late Hamid Jaffrey.

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