Correcting the name of Marine Drive

Nikita Gupta

Half knowledge is always harmful. People have copied the name ‘marine drive’ from Mumbai but missed the very basic fact that there is sea and so the name is marine drive. In Lucknow, it should be River Drive as it is adjacent to River Gomti. Request all the people including media to note this point and start calling it as River Drive !

In recent years the Gomti Nagar area has emerged as the new, fast evolving face of a modern Lucknow. It has given wings to a new phenomenon, a new uniquely indulgent Luckhnawi way of life, ensuing from fresh emerging forms of entertainment, opportunities arising from it. The multiplexes, the new sights all form part of it. Among these fresh offerings, River Drive has founded its own extensive grounds of popularity. Built alongside Lohia park, and the state beautification and development scheme, during the contentious reign of the previous rulers among hot waves of disapproval, the paradoxically christened river front has become a favourite haunt of youngsters, fulfilling the unsated wish of us parched plain dwellers for sea side revelry in a mere chance substitution.

Offering a sandstone walk specked with greenery and lights, an imposing serene Buddha watching over all, and exhibiting a new skyline against an intimate view of the river Gomti, River Drive serves peaceful recluse and fun seeking people alike. Preceded by monuments recounting exploits of a recent reign and flanked by the picturesque, immaculate memorial park on one side it has managed to develop a regal- casual scenic identity of its own.

Whenever the weather leans on the fair side of windy or cloudy, city folks flock to River Drive to revel in the pleasantness, have fun or spent some quality time with family and friends. With few other outdoor recreational haunts of the past holding sway any more, this is a welcome and well- frequented site. For the frequenters- families, youngsters, photographers, joggers even all surge for quietude or clamour or content or contour.

A solitary determined jogger can always be spotted among the hordes of languid strollers. It fares well with city shutterbugs for its beautiful vistas, extending particularly favourable views of the river, the sun in decline, all the hues and happenings, an extensive and unestablished view of a new modern skyline-all make for great captures. It offers resplendent sights of the river and the imperial monument on the other side. With the ascent of evening, exquisite lighting illumines its scape. A moonlit night turning the river into beautiful silver, under a cool breeze, some rare spectacle and escape from routine. The light and sound show in the neighbouring park, the stunt biking and the proximity to other modes, also draw people to this refuge.

The stunt bikers of the town have also found an unlikely practise and exhibition ground in the road preceding the drive, offering the drive dwellers an although maybe imprudent, unusual entertainment. With all its walks, views and firm, comforting backdrop it serves as the ideal place to relax, retreat and let off steam.

Writer is student and her passion is painting

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