Tea for you and tea for me

Midhat wakes up early one morning only for a sip of tea at the famed Sharma Chaiwala

If looking for a warm welcome over chai, bun makkhan and samosa in the morning in true nawabi style then famed Sharma Chaiwala in Hazratganj is the place for you.

Deepak Sharma has been serving the people of Lucknow tea for about 50 years. The shop was started by his father Pandit Om Prakash Sharma who earned modest profits and after 20 years of toil he handed over his business to son Deepak when he was about 16 years old.

Deepak is in the habit of opening his shop at 7am and is now famous for serving a lot of love and affection along with the delicious portion of chai, bun makkhan and samosa.

Today Deepak’s hard work has paid off and his joint is formally declared the number one tea stall in the city.

Talking to people who enjoyed the tea and usual snacks on the premises, it was found that they liked to stop by every morning after a long walk. They came here for the tea and eats but also to talk to Deepak.

For the same reason the joint is flooded with celebrities who bring family and friends along as well. It is the park opposite Sharma Chaiwala where people collect every morning to exercise and to walk with a cup of tea and Sharma snacks in their hand.

It is amazing to watch the crowds that this tea stall attracts. It is also a delight to just stand by to watch Deepak make tea so fast for so many people, without pause. In between a tiny break, Deepak took time out to talk to Midhat.

Deepak said that he is content in life and has no desire to open any more outlets.

“I feel blessed. I am happy that the tea stall is located here in this spot in the city,”says Deepak who adds that his children have promised to continue this family business and to never allow the fire burning below the pots full of tea here, to die out, ever.

Sharma Ki Chai

Sharma Ki Chai

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