Khaar aur Gul

Agglomerating Doggerels

Stories and poetry in Urdu have been published in German language earlier, but a complete collection of 82 ghazals and nazms written by one person has been published in Berlin, Germany for the first time. Arif Naqvi, a well-wisher and contributor of The Lucknow Observer, is the author of this book entitled ‘Khaar Aur Gul’ which was released on 19th April 27, 2015 at Nachbarschaft Centre, Lichten, Berlin.

Professor George Feifer, former Head of Etymology Department of Free University of Berlin, who has written the preface and had spent some years of his youth in Lahore, had expressed much appreciation for the unique feature of this collection. He said that Arif Naqvi is like a nomad who does stay stationary at one place and is a messenger of peace. His heart is everywhere which feels the pain of the anguished. Prof. George Feifer hoped that Arif Naqvi’s book in German would find fame in Germany.

After the address by the professor a German radio journalist read out the German translation of Naqvi’s nazm ‘Ehsaas’ which was immensely liked.

Anwar Zaheer of Urdu Anjuman, Berlin said that the collection of ‘shairi’ in German language is a new and historical composition which is one of its kind. He also said that the name of Arif Naqvi is well known in the literary circles of Europe, Pakistan and India and it is our good fortune that he is amongst us. After that, Arif Naqvi’s daughter, Nargis, recalled some interesting aspects of the life spent by Naqvi in his maternal and paternal grandfathers houses in Lucknow.

Khaar aur Gul

Thereafter, Sarah Zaheer recited the German translations of Arif Naqvi’s poems entitled ‘Chaman Chaman Mein’ and ‘Ek Ladki’ which were highly appreciated. Other reputed personalities who praised the efforts of Arif Naqvi were radio journalist and poetess, Barbara Leemco, former Director of Asis Section of German Broadcasting Service, Dr. Fredeman Schlander, former emissary of Federal Republic of Germany, Carl Fashame and Prof. Dr. Sunil Sen Gupta.

During this function singers Dheeraj Rai and Mithali Mukherji had also regaled the audience by singing songs written and composed by Arif Naqvi.

Towards the end, Arif Naqvi thanked all those who had assisted him in the translation of his works. He hoped that his remaining poems too would be translated in German language in the future. Finally, at the insistence of the audience, Arif Naqvi recited his ghazal:

Aye Rabbul Aalameen yeh kaisi bahaar hai
Konde lapak rahe hain falak shola baar hai.

(Report by Anwar Zaheer, Berlin, Germany)

(Published in The Lucknow Observer, Volume 2 Issue 14, Dated 05 May 2015)

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