Jai Narain PG College

A Traditional Approach Towards Teaching in the Era of Professionalism

An institution established as Anglo- Sanskrit school (Pathshala) in the year 1917 has now turned as KKC Degree College. The famous Jai Narayan P. G college was established by Late Shree Jai Narayan Ji who established the (Pathshala), with the vision of decreasing the discrimination in our society, with the similar vision today KKC is the biggest associated college of University of Lucknow. Nearly 9000 students are educated here in each academic session. It has been upgraded to a degree college in the year 1946. The first principal of the degree college was Shree Mandan Gopal Mishra Ji and in the current academic year Dr. S D Sharma is the working principal. Since last few years the institutions was expected to be one of the most unfriendly institutions for meritorious students but by the year 2006 Mr. S D Sharma has updated the campus as well as atmosphere of the campus with all the modern and basic facilities for the students to this extend that, the institution has been accredited with ‘A’ Grade certificate by NAAC. In the last few years KKC has emerged as the most productive institution of the city in each and every aspect of education.


It has given us some of the great players, leaders, Olympians and many other well-known names, the city is known by. K D Singh Babu, Anoop Jalota, Ex. V C, Dr. Ram Vilas Mishra, Sujeet Kumar, Jaspal Singh, Mohd. Shahid and Jasvinder Singh are just a few to name. The campus is spread over 17 acres of land in the heart of the city near Charbagh railway junction. The institution have an estimate of 150 total numbers of faculties for teaching; among which some of the renowned faculties of the institute are Prof. Iksha Ram Chaturvedi, Prof. V. K Jain and Dr. Laxmi Shankar Nishankh awarded with Bharat Bharti Award. The institution has a huge library, which can be credited for having more than 1,00,000 books available for the students to read. Not only this, the institution also have an e- Library for the students, which consist of more than 80,000 books, and 6,000 journals, which can be accessed by the students free of cost. The library contains some of the really old as well as expensive editions of books, which are available for the students of the institutions. For accessing the e- resource they have to simply register themselves too the e- resource page and they will be given a username and a password for the account to access the number of books, recently there have been added the special edition for the law students, now the students can access the Manu-Patra a legal database based on law, which can be accessed in reference section of the law.

The institution also runs numbers of add-on courses other than the regular courses in the institution for the specific and special development of the students, communication and personality development program, sales and marketing, computer application, computerized accounting, Foreign languages are a few to name among the available courses. Every year the institution organizes a scholarship and award distribution ceremony for the top-notch students. In the past years, Vice Chancellor of KGMC Prof. Ravikant, Vice Chancellor of University of Lucknow Dr. Prof. S. B Nimse, Vice Chancellor Prof. Sobhti, Ex. Vice Chancellor of U. P. T. U, Premji have visited the college to give award to the students and motivate them for their over all performance.

The institution has 5 (I C T) modern model classrooms and Computer Labs Installed with 140 computer systems. The institution is surveillance under numerous CCTV cameras for the safety of the students as well. The students of the institution have more than 3000 students who are girls, which has surely helped our society to move forward towards women empowerment. The institution has its own NCC battalion, which is considered as one of the most spectacular battalion of NCC in LUCKNOW; out of which, many of the cadets move forward in their carrier by opting national defense forces of our country. In the year 2014 one of the alumni of the institution, Major Amarjeet Singh has been awarded with Shaurya Chakra. Institution also has dedicated NSS volunteers recently; Sujeet Singh Kushwaha has been awarded Indira Gandhi NSS award. Not only this, the institution also organizes several cultural events every year, among which, Divyankur, Medha Samvardhan, Abhinav, Abhigyan are a few, where the students have their academic counsel as well as cultural counsel for every department, which represents the required modifications and needs of the students which are further fulfilled by the management. One of the best parts of the institute is that it has a particular dress code for the students even at the Post Graduation level, which is even followed by 99% students of the college. There are 31 academic cells, which are bound to have minimum 50 lectures per year for the students, from the eminent personalities of the concerned subject. The institute has 14 labs, in which the NAAC committee has suggested Anthropology and Geology labs to be kept open for general public and students other than that of the institute itself. They also have student grievance cell as well as a protection cell against sexual harassment at work place. In the current phase of the city KKC has emerged as a role model institute for all other institutions to serve our society and its scholars well, and this has happened only with the vision of Shree Jai Narayan Ji, which is dedicatedly followed by the college administrating authorities and their acceptance of the modern developments for the college. Administration consists of several retired grade one officers and Judges, which has helped the college to reach where it is…


KKC has played a very significant role in student politics in Lucknow, as it is among one of the very rare affiliated institutions of Lucknow University, in which student union elections are not conducted; the last election was conducted before a decade, since then the students of Lucknow are trying to search a platform to present themselves amongst the politicians. The ban on student union has made the student unions puny but the latest announcement given by our Governor, Shri Ram Naik Ji, that the student union elections will be conducted soon has again illuminated the hope among the students of Lucknow University and its affiliated colleges to dream out for the bright future in politics, after their student politics carrier; these student union has given us some renowned politicians too such as Shri Arun Jaitley, Shri Arvind Singh Gope, Shri Rajpal Kashyap and many more, among which many of them have been from University of Lucknow, even some of the top ranked leaders of the world too have been a part of student politics in their carrier. KKC administration is trying to make itself an independent module to provide education to the student by announcing itself as a separate university, which would surely allow and help them to provide the best facilities and deliver a better quality education to its students for their better carrier at the lowest and the easiest way possible.

Kapil Pal

Writer is a student of Law and active Social Worker

(Published in The Lucknow Observer, Volume 2 Issue 19, 5th October 2015)

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