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A Step Toward a Safer Lucknow

In any case of emergency the state government’s most important “State-level Police Emergency Management System (PEMS) Dial 100 project” will be available for police service. This will be the most ultra-modern network not only for country but also for the whole world. Building for the same was inaugurated on 19 December 2015 and launching of this project will be next year. The present state government is trying to bring change and improvement in the working procedure of police through man-power, resources and special training to provide instant help to general public in any case of emergency with in the minimum period of time. For this purpose ‘State-level Police Emergency Management System (PEMS) Dial 100 project’ is being implemented. The total cost of this project is rupees 2325.33 crore, for which one ‘central master co-ordination centre’ will be established in Lucknow.

Under this project in any case of emergency an immediate police assistance will be provide to the civilians communicating from the centre of “state wide dial 100 project” from any location in the state through telephone, SMS, or from any other communication medium. This centre will be working around the clock and in fact all the telephone conversation received by the centre will be recorded and the case will only be closed when the victim get the proper help and response from the centre.

In Lucknow, for this project the government has purchased 8-acre land from Lucknow Development Association near Shaheed path in Gomtinagar extension (Plot no. 7/13), on which this large and modern centre will be set up. Our hon. Chief-Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav has done the inauguration of the building to be constructed for this most important project of the state government on 19 December 2015 and state construction corporation has been designated as executing agency for the construction of this proposed building. Under this project to provide service in all 75 districts total 3200 four wheeler vehicle and 1600 two wheeler vehicle will be managed as police patrol vehicle, all these vehicles will be fitted with all the latest equipment and through its GPS device the information of geographic position of every vehicle will be continuously received and recorded by the main centre. On getting any emergency information the nearest available vehicle will be sent on the spot by the central control room. The vehicle reached to the spot will provide immediate assistance to citizens and the case will be handover to the local police on the arrival, along with this these vehicles will also patrol on its scheduled route according to local requirements.

Similar to the main dial 100 centres being established in Lucknow, two centres will be set up in Agra and Varanasi district as well, these sub-centres will work and act as alternative image of the main centre. All the proceedings done from the main centre in Lucknow can be done freely by these sub-centres also. The capacity of each sub-centre will be 15% of the capacity of main centre. In any case of interruption in the service of Lucknow’s main centre these centres will automatically come into functioning, these centres will also be working 24 hours as the main centre. The response time of police force will be minimized by the medium of this project, in the early stage of this project. The response time has been fixed in the urban areas as 10 minutes for two wheeler vehicles and approx. 15 minutes for four wheeler vehicles; and beside this for rural areas response time of 20 minutes for four wheeler vehicles has been fixed.

We hope that in the coming six month the new face of Uttar Pradesh police will come in front of the public, because till then state government’s most important ‘centralized dial 100 project’ will start. The main aim of this project is to provide safety, security and quick integrated service to all the peoples including disable persons at any place and at any time in the state. This will not be only country’s but the world largest and modern network. In the terms of public safety and other service like fire brigade, highway police, integrated traffic management, smart city surveillance, woman power line, and service related to health etc. will also be integrated with this main centre in the future.

It is remarkable that earlier, in 4 districts; Kanpur city, Lucknow, Allahabad and Ghaziabad the establishment of state government most important modern police control room is done to provide instant police service in case of emergency and by seeing the success of that and by keeping in view the importance of integrated system the state wide project are planned for entire state so as to provide the advantage of this facility to the people of rural areas along with the peoples of urban areas.

The role player for successful implementation of ambulance service of government, Shri Venkat Changa Balli has been assigned as consultant on behalf of state government with the important responsibility to outline, making of project and for its successful implementation. On the lines of Dial 911 service ongoing in America the project launched in the state will be the game changer. State government is seeking the day when dial 100 project will be effective, many other projects like ‘integrated traffic Management system’ and ‘smart city surveillance project’ will be applicable in 10 cities of state based on that success.

A separate unit will be set up to control Uttar Pradesh police state wide dial-100 project orderly and seamlessly, in which, on the basis of outsourcing and police officers and skilled officers will be appointed. In this centre there will be one ‘Aged skill development and process test centre’ which will arrange for the training of all the staff. Along with that, the arrangement for the training of officers employed in contact centre, police officers getting posted on various vehicles, inspector in charge in all the stations of state and selected police officers will also be done.

To establish this project in long terms only training is not important for the officers working in this centre but also effective and efficient leadership is needed, without which it would not be possible to maintain the quality of service for long period of time. Form this approach one “leadership development institute” will be set up in this centre, which will provide the arrangement for the continuous training of police officers of every level, while performing in emergency service of public safety.

On this full time centre one “specific analysis and research centre” will be set up for the research and analysis of large number of compiled data. At this centre not only the enforcement and investment but the proactive enforcement will also be made so that high level service can be provide to public, along with the dedicated ‘data centre’ which will also be set up in the wide format and in view of the utility of this project.

Arpit Saxena

(Published in The Lucknow Observer, Volume 2 Issue 22, Dated 05 January 2016)

Dial 100

Dial 100

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